Waynesville, NC
Charter Members
of the Antique
Automobile Club
Of America
since 1968
2014 SHOW - JULY 4TH & 5TH 8 AM TO 5 PM
We look forward to seeing everyone at the car show this
year - visitors, buyers, vendors, car corral participants,
show car and hot rod participants and those who come
for Tom and Wayne's Auction.  We truly appreciate
everyone who comes out to join us and put on another
great show and help build another year of history.  

Thank You for Your Continued Support ! !

Become a Statistic -- Join Us in 2014!!

Bring your RAT ROD, DRIFTER, LOW RIDER, what
ever you have and join our show.  We're a "Melting
Pot" of collector cars and we welcome yours to
refine the show!!

2014 CAR